Siem Reap is filled with boutique shops and interesting galleries. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. More interestingly spend a while wandering the alleys of Siem Reap and you will come across some gems.

We recommend:

  • Ly Piseth’s Garden of Desire. A jewellery shop with amazing creations. You will find it in Pub Street Alley.
  • John Mcdermott’s Galleries. John took photos of Angkor temples 20 years ago at a the time when the tourist numbers were far fewer and one could still find peace and solitude among the ruins. His main gallery is also in Pub Street Alley.
  • Wander the alleys around Pub Street and look at the pop-up art galleries and boutiques.
  • Kandal Village is the new up-coming area. Set around the former Central Market – Psar Kandal – you will find wonderful cafés, shops and services. Make a point of visiting Trunkh and seeing their eclectic offerings. Stop at the Little Red Fox espresso for a coffee or a visit to their salon. And make sure you visit Louise Labatiere’s and see just what she has on offer.
  • The Cambolac workshop and gallery is just across the river behind Wat Polanka. Here you can see fine lacquer work at a great price. The workshop offers local underprivileged people and many deaf people gainful employment.
  • Just round the corner from Nita by Vo is Theam’s house. Theam has built a serene oasis amongst the hustle and will offer you everything from china elephants to fabrics and works of art.
  • The Artisan’s d’Angkor studios off the Sok San Road shows you traditional crafts being executed by local people. From stone carving and wood work through to sliver smithying and silk painting, they are the main exponents of fine traditional arts in the area.
  • There are night markets, where you can haggle with the stall holders, but beware, most of the offerings are not local. Aim for a price around half the first quoted amount.
  • If you want genuine Cambodian souvenirs at non-tourist prices, then we suggest a visit to the Angkor Handicraft Association. Everything sold there is genuine local and the products support the local community.

Where ever you visit, you’ll find something fun and something to catch your imagination.